Hi Guys, my name is Sam Wilde, I am 25 & currently living in Surrey.
I have been ‘Obese’ pretty much all of my life, I was always the bigger kid growing up and then in my teenage years my weight got out of control, I tried weight watchers and managed to get a couple of stone off, but then Christmas came and I never went back, I couldn’t even manage to lose anything for my wedding in April 2014. In Feb 2015 I decided enough was enough, I woke up one day and realised I needed to sort myself out, and make a huge change for the better and for once in my life choose my health over food.

I started my weight loss journey on the 22nd of Feb 2015 with Cambridge Weight Plan on step RED 2. I chose Cambridge as I knew I had a unhealthy relationship with food and I knew my biggest chance of success would be if I took food away from the equation. I decided that I would have no ‘cheat days’ no ‘planned days off’ and most importantly NO EXCUSES.

My start weight was 25 stone 13 pounds ( 363lb or 165 Kilo) with a BMI of 60.4, this is a huge thing for me to post, I have always been super secretive about my weight, mainly because I was ashamed, but I am starting to accept that its just a number, and I am doing something about it now, and I know the people that matter wont judge me…
As I am writing this today I am already on day 99 of my journey with a loss of 5 stone 11 pounds so far, and have followed the plan 100%.
My goal is to be 10 stone which will bring me within a healthy BMI, my aim is to have done this by Christmas Day 2015! – I know this is a tough goal & I am realistic so if I don’t quite manage this I know I will be close!
I have made so many beautiful friends along the way, you will find a page dedicated to Chanden, she is on Step 2 of CWP and is an AMAZING cook! She has shown so many people that you don’t have to live on egg salad, visit her page for some AMAZING food inspiration!

– So that’s me! (& a bit of Chanden) Hope you all enjoy the page 🙂

Disclaimer: these views are my own personal opinions and I am in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Cambridge weight plan. Further information about CWP can be found at http://www.cambridgeweightplan.com


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